Treasury services

Fiduciaire Reddani does more than just provide traditional Swiss based Fiduciaires Services.

Treasury services

With today’s world of electronic banking systems we are able to use these services to assist you in managing the incoming and outgoing monies from your account.  This service is ideally tied in with the invoicing service that we can also offer you.


We can take care of the following straight from your account :


  • Payment of salaries
  • Payment to suppliers
  • Payments to tax authorities shortly before the due date
  • Overview and reconciliation with the ledger accounts of bank balances
  • The possibility of ensuring that invoices have been paid


In this way, we can have all the information at hand which assists us in avoiding a layer of administrative burden.


We understand that this may be a service that you might feel hesitant about allowing us to take over in the initial stages. We have undertaken this work for many of our clients and they feel very confident with us. We are prepared to give you references if these are required. You may prefer to wait for a while before giving us these privileges, but we hope that you will come to see that this is an aspect that can greatly enhance our service package to you.