Accounting services

Fiduciaire Reddani does more than just provide traditional Swiss based Fiduciaires Services.

Accounting services

We can offer a complete accounting package, that ties in with all the services that we offer.  Through our comprehensive service, we can give you an updated statement of account at any time, showing all the information you need.

In addition to this, we typically conduct monthly or quarterly accounts for companies that can serve as a useful business tool to help ensure the proper administration of your business. We can also assist in formulating budgets for you, as well as Business Plans. These can be essential when new financing is required. We like to assist in all stages of a company’s development, and produce accounting systems to match the requirements of the company.

We differentiate our services in these ways


  • Highly personal and proficient service
  • Competitive rates given the high level of service
  • We always aim to “give something extra” to clients


Once a year we prepare your yearly accounts to be submitted for auditing and thereafter to the relevant authorities.